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Solutions for community,
Built by community.

What We Do



We champion a variety of programs that empower TGNC* individuals to develop as leaders and serve their communities on a path to equity and liberation.



TSC provides guidance and training for organizations seeking to improve their understanding of internal practices around TGNC equity and inclusion. 



We provide direct funding and resourcing to TGNC organizations that are working closely with community. We prioritize BIPOC** TGNC-led efforts. 

*Transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC)

**Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)

Measuring Success by Impact

At TSC, success is measured by our impact on TGNC lives.
We proudly collaborate with a diverse group of leaders and organizations that are making positive change in their communities.

House of GGs logo
Arianna's center logo, a TSC grantee
The Mahogany Project logo, a TSC grantee
ElLa Para Translatinas logo, a TSC grantee
TransSOCIAL Inc. logo, a TSC grantee
Alianza Translatina logo, a TSC grantee
I am Human Foundation logo, a TSC grantee
Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center logo, a TSC grantee
"Transgender Strategy Center is an essential capacity building organization for anyone working with TGNC communities and/or wanting to ensure the diversity of their workforce includes and affirms TGNC team members."

Vignetta Charles,
Executive Director, ETR

"As grassroots organizations, we often don't have the tools and people power required to build capacity and effectively communicate our message. The Transgender Strategy Center provides essential tools and support to help achieve these goals."

Arianna Lint,

Executive Director,
Arianna's Center

"Our strategic corporate partnership with TSC has bolstered our strong community engagement efforts that has built and sustained progress in reducing the impact of HIV within Transgender communities.”

Diana Feliz Oliva,
Public Affairs Lead


What Our Clients Are Saying

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