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Leadership Development

TSC is dedicated to expanding the transgender leadership pipeline, particularly among trans people of color. TSC ensures that more transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) leaders hone their skills and embrace their passions as recognized and compensated leaders, aligning with our principle of economic equity.

TSC offers trans-designed and trans-led leadership development coaching and training, for both future and established trans community leaders. We support community leaders who have been organizing for the TGNC community for decades, as well as uplifting the next generation of TGNC directors and advocates.

TSC will work with leaders to design a plan that best fits their needs and growth areas—from executive director coaching to learning how to secure funding for your organization. TSC is here to support you!


Trans Community Building

TSC is committed to building trans power and sustainability. Our mission prioritizes providing support, training, and coaching to grassroots trans-led organizations throughout the United States. We believe genuine trans liberation only comes through the leadership of trans communities.

TSC provides grassroots trans-led organizations with a wide range of capacity building and technical assistance topic areas, from program expansion to executive leadership training. TSC is here to help in the development, planning, and execution of your next project. Our designs apply a trauma-informed lens to all projects. Through the breadth of expertise from our faculty and staff, and the development and piloting of trans-driven programs, TSC is designing the innovative strategic communications, community support, education and advocacy models that you need.

Our nation's collective of grassroots trans-led organizations would benefit from being more connected, better funded, and more adequately resourced. We need to strengthen our alliances and efforts to leverage power together. TSC is here to provide support and coaching on coalition building with faculty experts who have worked to strengthen voices and promote advocacy wins with disenfranchised communities.


Corporate Consultation

Team members at Transgender Strategy Center understand how corporations function and how to make change within them. We are experts at identifying stakeholders and communicating with them about the importance of transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) inclusion. We can lead them through steps that result in meaningful action. Perhaps most importantly, TSC’s team of dedicated trans leaders has lived experience that makes us uniquely qualified to help you find solutions to fundamentally improve your employees’ everyday lives.

We can work with you to review and update policies, educate and train staff members, or advise on other approaches to change culture and systems. No matter the work at hand, we ensure that it is tailored to fit the needs of your business and staff. TSC is here to support your efforts to better understand, support, and work with the TGNC community.


Strengthening our Allies

TSC recognizes and appreciates the support of allies who offer services and support to our trans community members. We provide a partnership that will ensure organizational success. TSC can bridge the gap many allies face in addressing the needs of the TGNC community, ensuring organizations have support and proper guidance. TSC assists in building ally capacity and cultural humility through organizational support for community based organizations that are not trans led, but are ready to learn how to best support the TGNC community. 

TSC trains and coaches cisgender led organizations on the lived realities of trans people. We offer strength building by helping design community needs assessments, advising on the development of new programs, and delivering training on how to provide services that are truly trans informed.


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