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TSC’s definition of capacity building  is specific training or coaching in areas of organizational development that need attention and strengthening for an organization to thrive and be sustainable

Capacity Building 

TSC offers capacity building (CB) at no cost to all TGNC led organizations*. We assert that capacity building is important for historically under resourced TGNC-led organizations and believe in TGNC people’s ability to develop effective solutions to address the issues that affect our communities. 


With each CB project, we utilize self-determination, which is where we let those requesting our services decide what topic they want to focus on and how they want to work on it. This is where our capacity coaches come in! Based on the specific needs of the organization, we pair the organization with a capacity coach who is an expert on the topic of focus for the CB project. The capacity coach will work with the organization to develop a work plan to address their concerns, from the initial scope of work to final deliverables .

Our approach is to offer a continuum of tailored capacity building that exceeds entry-level workshops to address gaps that often harm TGNC-led community-based programs. You can see our range of topics below with examples of potential capacity building projects.

  • Utilizing art for advocacy campaigns 

  • Integrating art within programming, services, and communications 

Art as a Tool for TGNC Advocacy & Social Justice 

  • Following a tailored professional development plan for the Executive Director 

  • Assessing key issues for individual work with goals 

  • Researching and connecting to resources to supplement coaching 

Executive Director Coaching (or leadership) 

  • Developing and implementing local and national policy 

  • Mapping out a strategy for advocacy 

Policy & Advocacy Campaigns 

  • Addressing historical trauma for TGNC communities 

  • Building skills as a leader in an organization impacted by trauma 

  • Establishing what a trauma informed work culture looks like 

Trauma, Self-Care & Organizational Emotional Capacity 

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  • Assessing organizational needs

  • Developing protocols and systems

Building an Administrative Infrastructure 

  • Creating a basic budget 

  • Understanding financial statements 

  • Reporting for grants  

Finance & Budgeting 

  • Developing a comprehensive organization/program evaluation plan 

  • Collecting and analyzing data 

  • Telling your story with data 

Program Evaluation 

  • Creating your training program

  • Developing and piloting curriculum

Building Curriculums & Trainings

  • Writing a successful proposal 

  • Fundraising 

Grant writing & Fundraising 

  • Presenting with confidence  

  • Preplanning and best practices for presentations 

Public Speaking & Building Presentations 

  • Understanding Board of Directors (BOD)Recruiting and retaining a strong  

  • Creating a succession plan for a strong BOD 

Building Your Board 

  • Recruiting and retention  

  • Creating TGNC inclusion policies 

  • Developing internal manuals and procedures 

  • Creating relevant processes for an organization 

Human Resources Management 

  • Developing a comprehensive strategic communications plan 

  • Planning organizational promotion and marketing 

  • Crafting key messaging for advocacy projects 

Strategic Communications 



of organizations that have received capacity building services from TSC are BIPOC-led

TSC uses the Trans Justice Funding Project definition of TGNC led organizations, which defines TGNC led as - “the majority of the people in charge of your group identify as trans or gender non-conforming."

  Here “in charge” means :

  • If you have a director, your director should identify TGNC

  •  If you have a board, a collective, or an advisory committee, the majority of staff, collective or committee members should identify TGNC. 

  •  If you have a staff, the majority of staff members should identify as TGNC. 

  •  If you are volunteer-run, the majority of your volunteer leaders should identify as TGNC. 

  • If your group has a TGNC-related program that includes trans or gender non-conforming leadership, but the majority of your organization’s leadership (director, staff, board, etc) do not identify as trans or gender non-conforming, your group is not TGNC-led. 

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