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TSC  believes in transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) people developing solutions for TGNC communities. We are TGNC-led and lift the expertise, brilliance, resilience, and lived experiences of members of our communities to move forward on the path to equity and liberation. 


Backed by a team of TGNC-identified coaches and faculty, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of organizations, from small TGNC-led community groups and organizations to philanthropic institutions seeking capacity building for their grantees. We generate lasting change with increased sustainability. Get in touch with us today to learn how TSC can help your future success. 

Capacity Building

Capacity Building 

TSC is committed to building TGNC power and sustainability. Our mission prioritizes providing support, training, and coaching to TGNC-led organizations throughout the United States. We believe genuine TGNC liberation only comes through the leadership of TGNC communities. 


TSC provides TGNC-led organizations with a wide range of capacity building services, from program expansion to executive leadership training. TSC is here to support your organization. Through the breadth of expertise from our coaches, faculty, and staff, and the development and piloting of TGNC-driven programs, TSC is designing strategies to build and sustain organizations.  



We believe that the path to TGNC liberation must include the resourcing of TGNC organizations that have a significant impact in their communities. TSC's grant making prioritizes BIPOC TGNC-led efforts in recognizing the roles of anti-blackness, racism, and misogyny in our social inequities. We are honored to work side-by-side with our donor partners to ensure that funds are reaching people in our communities in a way that is informed by experiences of TGNC leaders and activists.  


The primary aims of the Transgender Strategy Fund are to build the sustainability of TGNC organizations; support a pipeline of innovative TGNC leaders through a menu of no-cost capacity building offerings that accompany the grants; and prioritize organizations located in geographic regions that have been persistently under resourced by traditional philanthropy. 

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Leadership Development

TSC is dedicated to expanding the transgender leadership pipeline, particularly among trans people of color. TSC ensures that more transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) leaders hone their skills and embrace their passions as recognized and compensated leaders, aligning with our principle of economic equity.

TSC offers TGNC -designed and TGNC -led leadership development coaching and training, for both future and established trans community leaders. We support community leaders who have been organizing for the TGNC community for decades, as well as uplifting the next generation of TGNC directors and advocates.

TSC will work with leaders to design a plan that best fits their needs and growth areas—from executive director coaching to learning how to secure funding for your organization. TSC is here to support you!

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The TSC has team members with expertise and skills in working with corporate entities toward greater TGNC inclusion in the workforce and strengthening organizational cultural competency. We partner with corporate leaders through a process that leads to meaningful and sustainable change and an increased understanding of TGNC issues and needs. 

We can work with you to review and update policies, educate and train staff members, or advise on other approaches to change culture and systems. No matter the work at hand, we ensure that it is tailored to fit the needs of your business and staff. TSC is here to guide your efforts to better understand, support, and work with the TGNC community. 

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Strategic Community Partnerships

TSC assists in building ally capacity and cultural humility through organizational support for community-based organizations that are not TGNC-led but want to learn more about how to support the TGNC community within their own work.  


We partner with organizations to develop a tailored approach to expanding their work; ensuring that each partnership fits each unique organization. This work may include training, leadership coaching, and additional support to achieve the changes needed to move the organization forward. 


TSC trains and coaches cisgender led organizations on the lived realities of TGNC people. We offer strength building by helping design community needs assessments, advising on the development of new programs, and delivering training on how to provide services that are truly TGNC informed. 

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