Our Valued Partners

Trans Lifeline

Elena Rose Vera,  Executive Director

“Transgender Strategy Center provides invaluable expertise and assistance to the organizations they support. Their consultants understand the nuances of what it means to run organizations that both support trans people and are staffed by trans people.


They have helped us think through ways to strategically grow and engage our board, new sources of revenue, and they have also provided coaching to help our staff learn and develop into their areas of expertise. Transgender Strategy Center is a force multiplier for the whole movement!"

The Well Project

Krista Martel, Executive Director

"The Well Project believes TSC fills an extremely important gap through  their work to provide technical assistance and training to cisgender organizations to improve inclusion and build leadership among trans individuals. Equally, their capacity building and trainings are key to providing trans men and women with improved economic security, health outcomes, and well-being. TSC’s staff, faculty, and advisors is comprised of a brilliant and diverse group of the nation’s top experts to address these important needs.  


The Well Project is a proud partner of TSC and has long-standing relationships with deputy director Aryah Lester and founding director Morey Riordan. TSC is a responsive and proactive partner, and we connect often to identify potential collaborations and ways to elevate each other’s work. We look forward to continuing our collaborations and seeking new opportunities that provide economic empowerment and leadership development to trans women living with HIV in our community."


Vignetta Charles, Chief Executive Officer

"Transgender Strategy Center is an essential capacity building organization for anyone working with TGNC communities and/or wanting to ensure the diversity of their workforce includes and affirms TGNC team members. ETR was able to work with the incredible staff and faculty at TSC to develop our Gender Affirming Policy and then TSC trained the team on how to not just live the tenets of the policy, but truly create a gender affirming work environment. Their training was so stellar that we converted it into an eLearning module for all staff. 


Deputy Director, Aryah Lester, has been a skillful and dynamic moderator at our annual conference, YTH Live. We have also relied on TSC's Founding Director, Morey Riordan, for strategic advice and partnership on grants and contracts for work with TGNC communities—and other communities that disproportionately experience inequities in our systems. I could go on and on. The expertise on faculty and staff extends beyond work with and for people of trans experience—making TSC a wonderful strategic and capacity building partner for many organizational needs."


Mariah Lopez, Executive Director

"More than ever in American history—on the heels of SCOTUS decision—with the most important election in a generation (and perhaps the history of the nation) staring us down, TGNC leadership is more important than ever. TGNC people and lives are under attack; it seems like a war against us. During wartime, survival can be determined by whose voice the masses can hear. People need to feel confident, reassured. 

TSC provides such leadership, confident, kind expertise. As millions mobilize for social justice, TSC reminds us that, such social justice, must include Trans issues and voices. TSC appears truly unique in its ability to bring disparate factions of the national fight for trans justice and equity, together. Without physically putting leaders in the room, TSC is able to help optimize and encourage campaigns and cooperative work between Trans leaders and orgs from across the country. TSC has earned the trust of the Trans community—and movement—nationally  

I’m excited to be a part of to support, TSC’s work a vision of calculated next steps; of moving intentionally, in everything. Over the coming months as we march towards fall, and reclaiming this country STARR is thrilled and excited to take the lead from TSC. It’s time brilliant Trans folk, such as Aryah Lester (with her steely calm, and heart of gold) to bring folks and strategy, together.  I’m just honored to be in the room with TSC. Even if, that room might be virtual!"

Griffin-Gracy Educational Retreat and Historical Center (House of GG)

Miss Major, Founder & Executive Director

"Once House of GG started our mentoring retreats down South, I knew we'd need to find grants to get my girls here in the South together, physically, so they could relax with each other, make a connection, then share strategies, and finally, organize with each other.  


What Morey and Anand did was to help us navigate through some of the paperwork and set us up on a system so that we can track what we do, and it's helped us get to the point that if we need to show any funder or a donor that we put their money to genuinely good use, we can tell that person: 'Here's the spreadsheet showing what we've been up to,' or, 'Here's the person to talk to in Virginia Beach, because a lot of these girls are leaders in their own right in their own communities.'  


They helped us organize our shit, so we could work on the shit we do, which is to organize and uplift our trans community"

photo by Mary Rozzi; © Mary Rozzi

Arianna's Center

Arianna Lint, Chief Executive Officer

"As grassroots organizations, we often don't have the tools and people power required to build capacity and effectively communicate our message. The Transgender Strategy Center provides essential tools and support to help achieve these goals.  


Arianna's Center's collaboration with TSC has helped us develop a more focused digital media strategy and expand the reach of our programming. The experience and professionalism of their TGNC led team meant they were able to address the needs of our organization effectively with a deep understanding of the communities we serve."

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