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The Transgender Strategy Fund

The primary aim of the Transgender Strategy Fund (TSF) is to support organizations and leaders who seek to elevate TGNC liberation in their work. This includes the realms of public health, harm reduction, policy and advocacy, social service and mutual aid provision, financial assistance, leadership development and mentorship, HIV prevention and care, and beyond. 

Applicants must register in TSC's new grants portal - Coming Soon!


TSF grants require applicants to submit a budget and a representation table


Please download this budget template if your organization does not currently have one. Applicants will be prompted to upload their budget in Good Grants

Representation Table

You can view an example of the representation table here! You do not need to fill this out – applicants will be prompted to enter the values directly into Good Grants 

How to Apply to a TSF Grant

General Operating Grants

There are no open grants initiatives at this time
please check back in 2024


We adhere to the Trans Justice Funding Project definition of TGNC-led: 

The majority of people in charge of the organization identify as trans or gender non-conforming. If your group has a TGNC-related program that includes TGNC leadership, but the majority of your organization’s leadership (director, staff, board, etc.) do not identify as TGNC, your group is not TGNC-led. Non-TGNC led organizations with a TGNC focused project are not eligible for funding.

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