Gilead TRANScend

April 2020

Gilead’s TRANScend Community Impact Fund supports trans-led organizations working to improve the safety, health, and wellness of the transgender community. TRANScend provides funding to community organizations working to end the HIV epidemic. 

TSC is the Capacity Building Partner for the TRANScend Community Impact Fund. We provide capacity building, training, and technical assistance to trans-led organizations that request assistance—grantees of TRANScend, as well as those who are not a part of the grantee cohort. TSC is here to support any trans-led organization, or trans leader, requesting coaching or training. From leadership development to program management, TSC will work alongside organizations and leaders to develop and implement a plan to best serve their goals. TSC is committed to ensuring that all capacity building is based on the self-determined needs of the organization or leader.

TSC is excited to be able to offer support to numerous trans-led organizations and trans leaders across the nation through this Gilead funded initiative. As the Capacity Building Partner for this fund, we are looking forward to assisting groups of all sizes and of all needs, as well as supporting and elevating trans leadership. TSC will support these efforts through small group work with organizational leadership teams, as well as work on a one-to-one basis with leaders and a leadership development cohort. We believe that building strong and sustainable trans-led organizations and supporting their leaders is a critical component on the path to trans liberation.

Currently, amidst COVID -19 protocols and safety concerns, folks' health and safety is our first priority. TSC is preparing virtual trainings for trans-led organizations. We are also working with Destination Tomorrow, our grantmaking partner on the fund, to ensure that we are responding to identified needs.

If you are a trans-led organization that is not a grantee of this initiative and you would like to discuss organizational needs, please contact us. 




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