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The Transgender Strategy Fund – Amp Grants 
Application Interview Process

The following information is for those applicants that are invited to move to the application interview stage. Please review the sections below to become more familiar with the process and to prepare you for the application interview. 


Application Interview Process & Review 

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  • Applications will be accepted via video interview (or phone interview when necessary) over the course of two weeks. Those applicants that move to this stage will receive date and time options in their invitation to interview. 

  • Instructions on scheduling your interview will also be included in the invitation to interview. 

  • The interview will be recorded so that it can be shared with the grant reviewers. 

  • At least two TSC staff members will be present on each interview. One staff member will ask the questions while the other will take notes and monitor time. You will be asked at the beginning of the interview how best TSC should inform you about remaining time during the interview.

  • The TSC staff members conducting the interview will not be serving as grant reviewers for this opportunity. That way, the applicant does not need to be concerned that the person interviewing them could have final decision-making power on their application.  

  • Applicants will have one hour to respond to the questions and prompts that are outlined below.